Running Your Bed And Breakfast

Running your own bed and breakfast seems like a dream. You get to meet exciting new people, you get to work on your own terms, and you get to earn a comfortable income by attending to some household work. This is the perfect way to earn right at home, especially if you have the required space and the facilities to do it. However, this also means that some preparation is necessary from your end.

A spacious room

First things first, if you are to run a successful BnB, you need to have the space to do it. Most of your clients will be coming to you after a very tiring day of travelling, and if you planning to buy canvas prints online place them in dodgy little room with no space to move – you are committing a huge mistake. So first make sure you are fully equipped for the task. For an example, let’s say you only have two rooms at your house – one for you and one for the guests. If another guest do turn up, then this does not mean you can give them to sofa or the attic – you need to put their needs first. But it’s quite rare that this would happen, so do not worry.

And a clean one!

Also make sure that the room is clean. No customer likes to sleep on a bed that doesn’t seem to have seen new covers since the first day. Maintain the room crisp and clean – and when you do not have guests, you can remove the bed covers, etc. This way you get to make sure that they are not wasted unnecessarily.

Make it pretty

You can even go an extra mile and beautify the room. Adding a beautiful, yet simple, landscape print to the wall can add to the charm of the room.

For an example, consider adding a landscape print that depicts a famous touristic location in the area. Throw some colour to the room with some gorgeous cushions – they can help create a very cosy atmosphere.

Be nice and attentive with breakfast

At the end of the day, you are providing a bed and breakfast – this means that your clients come expecting you to give your best for these two aspects. Do not try to feed your clients with what you think is good for them. For an example, if you are hosting some tourists, chances are that they have breakfasts differently than you do. So talk to them in advance and get their ideas. Of course, you do not have to bend over your back all the time. But if the request is reasonable, and won’t cost you much additionally, then you can go ahead with it. Or you can ask them to pay the extra expense.